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Chiropractor Warrenton MO Daniel Roach


Daniel Roach, D.C.

Location: Warrenton MO

Dr. Roach graduated locally from Warrenton High School and attended Lindenwood University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology. He was then accepted to Logan College of Chiropractic where he received his Bachelor’s in Human Biology, then a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Roach and his wife, Nicole, have four wonderful children. Ethan is 15 years old, Isaiah is 12 years old, and 6 year old twins Samuel and Elijah. As an advocate for children, Hawk Ridge Family Chiropractic has helped to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation, sending 3 children to Disney, helped the National Children’s Cancer Society, FCFC Youth and various other children’s organizations.

Chiropractor Warrenton MO Daniel Roach With Family

Chiropractor Des Peres MO Brandon Trone


Brandon Trone, D.C.

Location: Des Peres MO

Hi my name is Brandon Trone and I’m originally from Springfield, Illinois. My hobbies include basketball, working out, and spending time outdoors! I studied at Logan University and enjoy treating a variety of different issues. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the community!

Chiropractor New Florence MO Reed Schulze


Reed Schulze, D.C., C.C.S.P. (R)

Location: New Florence MO

Dr. Reed Schulze was born and raised in a small town called Altamont, Illinois. Dr. Schulze went to LakeLand College and earned an Associates in Applied Science and attended Eastern Illinois University for a year. 

Then, he transferred to Logan University where he finished his Bachelor’s degree in Life Science and earned a Master’s degree in Science in Sport Science and Rehabilitation and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Schulze was introduced to chiropractic due to his joy of helping his communities return to their daily lives in a natural and wholistic way. He enjoys the outdoor life of hunting, fishing, and camping. Dr. Schulze also enjoys working with his hands which includes his passion of woodworking. "I am excited to be a member of this awesome team and to be a part of a great clinic whose main goal is to help people be pain free and give back to their community!"

Chiropractor Warrenton MO Brandon Meet The Team


Brandon Sieg, D.C.

Location: Warrenton MO

Hello! My name is Brandon Sieg and I am originally from Peoria, Illinois. My hobbies include playing guitar, working out, and spending time with my three beautiful children.

I studied at Logan University where I graduated in 2018 with my Bachelor's of Science in Human Biology as well as my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. I enjoy treating a multitude of conditions and simply love to fulfill my calling to bring healing and wellness to my community!

Chiropractor Warrenton MO Matt Arthaud Meet The Team


Matt Arthaud, D.C.

Location: Warrenton MO

Dr. Matt Arthaud, D.C. is passionate about holistic health and the mind-body connection. He practices knowing we are designed to heal, move, and have optimal function. Matt grew up surrounded by different types of healthcare providers leading to his interest to help others be as healthy as they can be.

He has always been interested in the body's ability to heal and function holistically. Starting his career in 2005, he began working in the nursing world. Practicing as an RN before coming to chiropractic has allowed him to participate in various roles helping a person to thrive. He had always dreamed of doing more for his patients as a holistic doctor and was able to attend Logan University - College of chiropractic.

Chiropractic to Matt is beyond helping people get out of pain, it is a lifestyle that allows people to heal and function at their best from 0-100+. When Matt is not seeing patients, he is spending time with his wife Kara and their six children. He also loves reading, fishing, golfing, and playing musical instruments. Chiropractic has helped him and his family live at their best and he is excited to bring that to his community.